Created By Families of Children with Disabilities or Special Health Care Needs

Families with Children with Disabilities

  • Connect to useful information, training and consultations
  • Network with families like you
  • Gain understanding and be understood
  • Inspire and help each other to improve lives


  • Refer your patients to families, and agencies, organizations, and community resources with expertise to meet their needs
  • Enable patients to find choices of therapy and rehabiliation care
  • Transition from just a medical model, to a social model of care
  • Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Providers of Care & Support

  • Reach more beneficiaries and customers
  • Reach beneficiaries and customers directly and efficiently
  • Receive feedback to help you improve
  • Increase your social impact and fund raising success

You & Me

  • Support an inclusive society
  • Help the disabled community to contribute to society
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion
  • Embrace people who are different



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