The “real champion” in Wimbledon 2016

The “real champion” in Wimbledon 2016

"I got to the point where I thought with my condition, I could have a massive point that I could prove here to people, that willpower and determination is everything in life." 

"With mental strength, if you keep that and stick with that then you’re going to get somewhere...."

This is what 15-year-old Francesca Jones said of her rare condition,
EEC syndrome (Ectrodactyly-Ectodermal Dysplasia)which has left her with three fingers and one thumb on each hand. It has also left her with a small right hand – her racket hand – and four toes on her left foot and just three on her right.

Francesca Jones did not let her condition stop her from reaching the second round of her first junior Grand Slam tournament or being ranked number four in the world when she was under-14.

She has proven that mental strength can overcome any adversity in life. At such young age, she works hard to be where she is today. And she will not stop at Junior Grand Slam, her dream is to conquer the tennis world, to be number 1. With her mental strength, I am putting my bet on her.

Frabcesca Jones

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