My Birthday Wish - to Play Chinese Chess
My birthday wish - to play Chinese chess.
Yoa Wen, 15 years old will turn 16 on the 20 March. He has SMA and is currently staying at home. Yao Wen is a happy, positive and brilliant boy. However, he is not able to go to school in the last few years. He looks forward to have friends and someone to play Chinese chess with him as it his favourite game. As he can only move his right thumb, he need helps to make his moves when playing chess.

This year his mum told us that his birthday wish is to play a chess with a group of people, like in a competition. He wants to participate in a chess competition. He doesn't mind if someone can challenge him in chess because that keeps him thinking.
Does anyone know if there is any Chinese chess competition in March or would you like to play with Yao Wen? Please contact us via our Facebook.

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